Work as a tutor at Studybuddy!

We are always searching for new students who wants to work with tuition with us!
If you are also interested in working as a Study Buddy you should:

Have a solid knowledge in the subjects you would like to tutor in

Have a genuine interest in helping other students to improve

Currently study at a university

Do you want to have a meaningful, challenging
and fun part time job?

Being a Study Buddy is the perfect part time job while you are studying at the university!

  • Flexible and easy to combine with studies
  • Enables for you to create your first professional network
  • A valuable experience for future employment, both personally and knowledge wise
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Write down brief information about your previous work experience and about your education. It is important that you write everything that is relevant for us to know and relevant with regards to the role you are applying for.

Write down brief information about yourself and your interests. This is important for us to get an understanding of your personality and through that see which students that would be the best fit for you.

Is there anything else that you think would be important for us to know regarding your application? Write down everything that will add to you profile and give us the best picture of you.

In addition to the information that you have written above you can also attach relevant files. This could for example be your resume, your grades or your DBS-check. It is not a requirement to do this, but any files that you attach will be treated as a complement to the rest of your application.

How do I become a Study Buddy?

  1. 1. Send your application

    Complete the application form with
    your personal information

  2. 2. In-person interview

    Our Client Managers will contact you
    and book an appointment for an
    in-person interview

  3. 3. Introduction & work

    Participate in an introduction to understand
    systems and rules, then you are
    ready for your first students

Being a Study Buddy is the perfect part time job!

It can often be difficult for students to manage their studies in a useful way, and sometimes they need tips on how to study or help with a subject or set of exams. This is where the tutors, our Study Buddies, come in.

The age gap between students and their Study Buddy is much closer than the one with their teachers, meaning Study Buddies can offer a different way of explaining things as they have gone through similar experiences just a few years previously. Being close in age also makes it easier for the student and the Study Buddy to relate to each other, which enables for a close relationship and a high understanding of each others situation.

At Studybuddy we offer a flexible approach for our students and we prioritise their individual needs. We make sure that all students are matched with their Study Buddy with regards to subject knowledge, place of tuition and personality. Since we match based on personality, the tuition becomes a fun and rewarding moment for both the student and the Study Buddy.

Oblie Botchway, who has a degree in Biochemistry from Imperial College London and now studies at the University of Law, has been a Study Buddy for over two years and loves his job!

”I think what's really good about Studybuddy is that the tutors are people who recently did the same thing as the students, and it makes the students feel inspired by it”, Oblie explains.

This inspiration and different approach to learning has proven to give great results, even in the tougher subjects such as maths and sciences.

”One of the students I had when I first started - when I began tutoring him he was on the D/C boundary and ended up with a B, which was great! I saw a big change in his attitude and he really wanted to do well”.

Oblie further explains that he really appreciates the process of matching the students not only with a tutor who knows their subject extremely well, but who they are also likely to have the right personal relationship with. This makes the job as a Study Buddy more rewarding on a personal level. Together with being a great merit on your personal resume, he would really recommend the job to other students!

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Strong communicative and creative profile


Supportive and enthusiastic profile currently studying at King's College London.


English student with supervisor experience studying at King's College London.