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Tutor with strong pedagogical skills currently studying at London School of Economics.

I am a final year student at the London School of Economics and Political Science with three years of experience in tutoring students, in a variety of subjects and in a variety of levels. In the course of three years, I have had the fortune of teaching a appreciable number of students and have come to realise (amongst other things) that there doesn't exist one size fits all stratagem to tutoring students. While aids -like past papers, notes, and their ilk - may prove an indispensable tool for any student, the optimal approach to tutoring a student is almost always the one specifically tailored to the student. Think of how a ready made suit may get you through most occasions, but could never help you shine like a Savile Row bespoke suit. For the more athletically inclined, think about the traditional deadlift. It is a movement that has been so vigorously scrutinised and broken down, that teaching it has almost become formulaic - yet most of the greats did away with the formula as soon as they realised their one rep maxs had stalled. Now, overly contrived analogies purported to hammer home a simple concept aside, I offer exactly this specific tailored service, to all my students.

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