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Strong mathematical profile currently studying Medicine at Queen Mary

I am a fourth year medical student at Barts and the London, Queen Mary, and I have just completed a BSc in Neuroscience at Imperial College London. I have a solid foundation in Maths, including Further Maths, and all three Sciences, and this can be shown in my achievement of 4A*1A at A-level. I am also fluent in Chinese, both Mandarin and Cantonese, and have achieved A* in A-level Chinese. I have previously tutored sciences and maths privately for five years, in both Hong Kong and in UK. My communication and teaching skills have been developed over the years, and I am confident that my experience and knowledge would benefit my students vastly. In my spare time I enjoy doing drama, and I have been in the cast for various shows since a young age. I also had the opportunity to write and direct my own play three years ago. I enjoy an active lifestyle, and I do Pilates, ballet and yoga regularly to keep fit and relax. I aspire to support my students to achieve their full academic potential. My previous students have achieved A*-A at A-level in the subjects that I tutored them in, and have moved on to top 20 universities in UK to further their studies. I have a strong passion for teaching and learning, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with my students. I wish to guide them in their learning process, raise their interest towards the subjects, and helping them achieve the best that they can.

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