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Circumstances change. So do goals, expectations and needs - Despite this, our belief remains the same; anyone can learn with the right help!

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Our concept

A Study Buddy is not an ordinary tutor

We realise the importance of tutors who are passionate about teaching and their academic subjects in order to successfully transfer their knowledge to their students. Therefore, we make sure that our Study Buddies really do love teaching and have a passion for sharing their own knowledge, as well as being a source of inspiration for their students.

We also believe that a Study Buddy with fresh knowledge from university and a modern approach to teaching is a successful one. A good connection between the tutor and tutees is also key for good results.

All of our Study Buddies are carefully assessed and vetted before offering employment and taking on their first student. They all have a relevant educational background, are tested pedagogically and have completed Studybuddys introductory training program. Some of our tutors are also DBS-checked and we provide information about this. You can yourself choose if you would like to have a DBS-checked tutor or not.

To attain the best results, we work according to a well-recognised approach to tuition. Our approach consists of 4 pillars and ensures that we take into account each students individual needs.

Current situation

When the student and Study Buddy first meet, they work together to identify which challenges the student currently faces, how he/she studies best and their current level of academic achievement. The Study Buddy listens to the students and parents' opinions whilst sharing his/her own in an open and approachable environment.

The goals

The student and the Study Buddy set up an action plan together, with both immediate and long-term goals. This makes the teaching effective and focused on results and the student and parents can follow the development to see that the teaching works.

The plan

We tailor the tuition according to each students needs. Thorough planning and focus on the right study technique for the student ensures the correct help according to his/her individual capabilities.

The tools

Achieving proficiency in a subject is important, but it's just as important to convey the joy of learning. Our Study Buddies are skilled in sharing their enthusiasm with their students and inspiring them to learn for life. More than just sharing subject specific skills, our Study Buddies also offer advice on exam and revision technique.

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Our tuition plans and prices

All students have different needs. All families have varying schedules and routines. Thats why we always do our best to find a solution that suits you and helps you reach your desired goals.

Buddy Voucher 10 hours

You buy 10 hours of tuition which you are free to use according to your need during a two months period from the start date.

Price from:

43£ per hour

A 10 hour Buddy Voucher is suitable for students wanting a lot of help during a short period of time, or just wanting to try on the service.

Buddy Voucher 20 hours

You buy 20 hours of tuition which you are free to use according to your need during a three months period from the start date.

Price from:

41£ per hour

A 20 hour Buddy Voucher is perfect for students who want to meet with their tutor on a weekly basis during the entire semester.

Buddy Voucher 30 hours

You buy 30 hours of tuition which you are free to use according to your need during a four months period from the start date.

Price from:

38£ per hour

A 30 hours Buddy Voucher is perfect for students who want to meet with their tutor more than once a week and it is also the most cost effective plan.

We guarantee your satisfaction!

Try out a tutor without any commitment

We always follow up after the first session to make sure everything went well and that the tutor suits your specific needs. In the instance that you are not satisfied with the tutor, we will provide you with a new one or end the service altogether - whatever you prefer, and you do not have to pay for the first lesson.

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Students reach their goals with Studybuddy!

University applications in the UK are among the most competitive in the world, with each year seeing more than half a million students apply. In an environment where places at the best institutions are highly sought after, some students in London are getting a head start on the competition thanks to help from someone who already knows all about the process, their Study Buddy.

We at Studybuddy recruits our tutors mainly from London School of Economics, Kings College London, University College London, and Imperial College London, meaning that our tutors attend some of the best universities in the world.

In the UK, the most competitive universities only offer places to around 20% of its applicants, so unfortunately four-out-of-five will come away disappointed. And in an environment where margins are so close, getting some extra tuition can go a long way towards securing a place at university.

Our Study Buddies have achieved A and A* grades in the subjects they are teaching and can offer pupils expert knowledge, as well as a modern teaching technique, an academic role model to follow, and their experience of gaining a place at a competitive university. Many of the courses at Londons top universities require an interview as well as top grades, something that our Study Buddies knows all about. This recent, real-life knowledge of the university system that all of our Study Buddies have, can help the students a lot.

To match the right tutor with the right students is extremely important to us. We ensure that tutors have both the necessary knowledge and a suitable personality to match well with their student.

Our managing director, Max Henrikson, explains: "The students get someone who has been through the education system themselves recently, and even though we have quite a few Study Buddies, we know them all individually. We match tutors and students based not only on their educational needs but also on their personality and other traits."

The idea behind our concept is that the students feel a closeness to their tutor, and can see them as a role model. Being closer in age can often make the students relate more easily to the Study Buddies –- meaning they can learn more as a result and can feel more comfortable asking questions to someone closer to their own age.

UCL student Matthew Parkes has helped many students during his time as a Study Buddy. Many of them have been about to take their GCSE or A-level exams, but struggle to structure and organise their revision. Matthew has seen how focusing a session on an individual's needs can make a big difference.

"It's one-on-one, so you can tailor the session on interests and how they learn best", he says.

"For example, if they are visual learners I can do my lessons based on that. Teachers may have these kinds of lessons occasionally, but they can't completely separate a class and have some students being taught one way, and others another way. So, having a Study Buddy means the pupils get taught in the way thats best for them."