We're passionate about going the extra mile with each student!

We're convinced that everyone can learn, even if circumstances differ. That's why we cater to each individual family's needs and together create clear goals and an action plan for the tuition. In order to reach your goals, our Study Buddies always work to motivate and inspire their students in order to build increased confidence and a love for learning. Our approach includes:

Individual matching and follow ups

Excellent Study Buddies

Committed coworkers

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Our History

Studybuddy was founded in 2004 in Stockholm, Sweden, by four university students hoping to replicate the successful teaching methods they were inspired by at university; namely having older students teaching younger.

The concept that emerged was to allow university students with fresh knowledge of their subjects and an understanding of the younger pupils’ situation start tutoring. Since 2009, Studybuddy’s client base has doubled annually, something that we are extremely proud of.

Studybuddy expanded to the UK in October 2014 and the company has since been hiring university students from the top London universities to tutor pupils in primary, secondary and college curriculums, offering advice and assistance on a range of areas including interview and exam preparation.

Our concept of using student tutors breaks the conservative educational mould. In a country traditionally used to archaic teaching techniques tied to the educational processes of today, more and more families are realising the positive aspects of hiring a young, ambitious and academically gifted student to guide their child.

The UK expansion has proven to be successful and has resulted in many satisfied customers reaching high performance, from 11+ through to A-.

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