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Studybuddy was founded in Sweden by four university students hoping to replicate the successful teaching methods they were inspired by at university; namely having older students teaching younger. The concept that emerged was to allow university students with fresh knowledge of their subjects and an understanding of the younger pupils’ situation start tutoring. Since 2004, We have offered private tuition to students in all ages and in all subjects. We have gained a lot of experience over the years and we have helped over 10 000 families since the start. With a passion for teaching and motivating our students, we aspire to be the very best tutoring agency in the industry!

Our concept of using student tutors breaks the conservative educational mould. In a country traditionally used to archaic teaching techniques tied to the educational processes of today, more and more families are realising the positive aspects of hiring a young, ambitious and academically gifted student to guide their child.

The four corner stones of our tuition are; Motivation, Inspiration, Confidence and of course Results!

We believe that all of this combined create the ideal situation for learning and an important part of this is matching every student to a tutor that suits their individual needs.

Every student and every family has their unique needs and we always try to cater for these. Our Client Managers will assess each new student's situation before matching them to a suitable tutor. Regardless of if you choose your own tutor form our website, we always double check to make sure you actually get the most suitable tutor based on your situation.

No matter which set up, we always offer:

  • Individually tailored tuition to reach set goals
  • Follow up emails with a summary of each session
  • Student-Tutor matching based on subjects and personality
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We always follow up after the first session to make sure everything went well and that the tutor suits your specific needs. In the instance that you are not satisfied with the tutor, we will provide you with a new one or end the service altogether - whatever you prefer, and you do not have to pay for the first lesson.

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Words from our clients

Students can sometimes struggle to stay focused on their work and having someone close by to help can make a huge difference – especially when it comes to the important exam season.

Mandy Richmond noticed this with her daughter, Hannah, and decided to contact Studybuddy – and the improvements she’s seen have been huge.

Mandy Richmond’s daughter Hannah was in year 9 at school when her mum noticed that she’d completely disengaged from her education, and had become quite reclusive. She needed help with maths and science – some of the toughest subjects when it comes to exams – but it had to come from someone who could inspire her.

“One of my greatest fears for a tutor for Hannah was that she wasn’t going to respond to a really harsh and authoritative figure, which was why I looked at Studybuddy,” Mandy explains.

“Hannah’s tutor is absolutely fantastic and different from a teacher, he talks to her about common interests as well, before they throw themselves into the work. I really like that the Study Buddies are university students too, as they often share their own experiences and definitely act as a role model.”

Hannah’s tutor is studying medicine at Kings College London, and the impact on Hannah of having a tutor who went through the education system just a few years earlier has been huge, according to Mandy.

“Hannah has now reengaged completely with her education, and the biggest thing I’ve noticed is how much she’s come out of her shell – she’s taken up hockey, has started running, and is much more confident.”

“Academically she’s improved a lot too, her GCSEs are coming up and she is much more prepared.”

Mandy was so impressed with Hannah’s Study Buddy that he now comes round to tutor her younger daughter once a week too.

“From the outset, he was so kind, yet professional and very polite. My younger daughter saw the tutoring her sister was getting and wanted to do it too, we’d keep him as a Study Buddy the whole way through their GCSEs and A-levels if possible.”

“It’s made such a big difference and I would definitely recommend it to other parents.”

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Words from our Studybuddies

When a teacher has 20-30 young pupils to take care of, it’s hard to give everyone the individual attention needed. Therefore, we offer home sessions to students given by people who might understand them better – university students.

“I’ve had a student that went up two grade boundaries while I was tutoring him, which was great to see,” said UCL student Matthew Parkes, who now spends his free time away from university helping younger students to improve their school results.

Many students about to take their GCSE or A-level exams, struggle to structure and organise their revision. But having someone to provide personal support and give them tips can have huge benefits – particularly if the tutor recently went through similar experiences themselves and succeeded.

This is something UCL student Matthew Parkes helps with, alongside studying for his history degree. Now tutoring his fourth student since joining Studybuddy, Matthew has seen how focusing a session on an individual’s needs can make a big difference.

“It’s one-on-one, so you can tailor the session on interests and how they learn best,” he said.

“For example, if they are visual learners I can do my lessons based on that. Teachers may have these kinds of lessons occasionally, but they can’t completely separate a class and have some students being taught one way, and others another way.”

“So, having a Study Buddy means the students get taught in the way that’s best for them.”

The students working as Study Buddies are similar in age to those they are tutoring, so they are more easily relatable and know many of the pitfalls that can stop students from studying effectively, as well as having solutions and tips on exams which they share.

And with most students having ‘study leave’ before their exams – a period of a few weeks where they aren’t in school but study at home instead – having some extra tuition can be a big advantage.

Matthew explains: “I have a timetable that I create with them, and one of the main reasons is that sometimes they struggle to organise themselves, so they need that help.

“The students tend to become more interested, they engage with the material a lot more too. When I start tutoring them, they might have had the subject material for six months and not learnt anything, but after a few sessions they’ve started to improve.”

When Matthew is asked why he would recommend Studybuddy to students who need some extra help, he says:

“If you have a Study Buddy for just one lesson, you will be able to organise yourself, it means you can understand how the process of revising and studying can work, as well as helping you to get the grades and understand the material.”

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