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  • Valuable experience for future employment
  • Real employment status, including holiday pay
  • Good for career and personal development
  • Can be combined with studies
  • Drinks and fun activities with other Study Buddies

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Grow with us.

We’ll enable you to grow as a person and develop personal and professional skills. Being a tutor with Studybuddy is more than just a part time job.


As a Study Buddy, you’ll work with and encourage your students on both an educational and personal level. You’ll become an appreciated asset for the student as well as the rest of the family, and you’ll contribute with your commitment and drive. You’ll make a real difference in your student’s life!

Great merit.

Developing your pedagogical skills is something that will be useful in whatever profession you choose to go into after graduation. You’ll also build your first professional network through fun activities with other tutors at Studybuddy.


Since you are working independently, often on evenings and weekends, your work will not interrupt your lectures and seminars. Also, having an extra income will increase the overall flexibility in your life as you’ll have money to spend!

The road to a meaningful part-time job.



Send in your application, attaching your CV, cover letter and grades.



We’ll assess your application and give you a follow-up call with some questions.



If successful, you will meet with one of our Client Managers for an interview and pedagogical tests.



Our Client Managers will review your profile and decide if you are a suitable Study Buddy.



Upon successfully completing this step you sign a contract, undergo our introduction session and then become a Study Buddy!



Note that your employment is dependent on a clean DBS-check.

Do you have what it takes to become a Study Buddy?

We are always looking for new tutors who have a passion for teaching. If you are a motivated student and have a skill for sharing your knowledge, then you could very well be the person we are looking for. We offer you a part time job that is both a great merit and a chance to influence and inspire students. Work as much as you would like to on evenings and weekends!

Study Buddy Profile:

  • Currently studying at a university in London
  • Committed and have a passion for teaching
  • Strong knowledge in the subjects you want to tutor

Meet some future colleagues.

Hugo Nilsson, UCL

I am 27 years old and I’m currently studying transportation engineering at UCL, with part of the education being at Imperial College. In my free time I am an aviation spotter and pub quiz enthusiast. I have been tutoring for several years and I joined Studybuddy in the spring of 2015, teaching math and sciences at secondary and A-level. What I love about tutoring is that I can share a laugh with my students and I enjoy seeing them progress.

Gabrial Dorlhiac, Imperial College

I am currently 22 years old and entering my final year of undergraduate studies in biochemistry at Imperial College London. I have tutored a variety of subjects at different skill levels, ranging from primary school reading and mathematics, through A-level sciences. I also have experience tutoring students for the SAT college entrance exam in the United States. I mostly enjoy tutoring for the opportunity to pass along my interest in the sciences, and like to see how different minds find varied approaches and solutions to an identical problem. Outside of academics I like to spend my time outdoors and travelling, in particular hiking and camping.

Tom Hartee, King’s College

I am a 21 year old history student in my final year at King’s College London. Outside the classroom I spend most of my time playing various sports from football to skiing to cricket. I currently tutor history, physics, chemistry and maths to higher levels, but I teach all subjects to an elementary level. I enjoy the challenge of adapting my teaching style to the unique differences between pupils. I try to understand the thought processes of the student so that I can develop their logical approach to learning, which I hope will translate into all aspects of their studies. It is really rewarding to see how my input can make a difference to a child’s learning and their interest in a particular subject.

Mallika Iyer, LSE

I’m a 19 year old student born and raised in the US and India. I am pursuing my BSc in International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science. As my degree suggests, I’m very interested in politics and enjoy debating about current affairs at Model United Nations conferences around the world. In addition, I also love playing the piano, reading, and traveling. I’m extremely passionate about creative writing and even managed to publish a novel called Dream. I am tutoring secondary and college students, who require assistance with GCSE, IB, or A-Level programs. I focus on tutoring in economics, business studies, history, and English. The best thing about working at Studybuddy is interacting with students. Each student I meet has a unique outlook and approach to learning and I love adapting my teaching style to match their needs in a fun and interactive way!

Yong Li Loh, Imperial College

I’m a 22 year old student, studying MEng Joint Mathematics and Computer Science at Imperial College. My greatest interest lies in Mathematics, logic reasoning and generally any kind of problem solving, as well as cycling and learning new languages.   I tutor Mathematics for all levels. I have just finished a long tutoring assignment with an A-Level Maths student, it was a great pleasure to work with him as he was very motivated and eager to improve. Now I’m tutoring two girls in maths, who are in year 5 and year 8 respectively. Additionally, Mandarin and Computing are also two of my favourite subjects to teach.   My passion for Maths and being able to share the passion with others is what I enjoy most tutoring at Studybuddy. I’m so grateful that Studybuddy prefer an approach similar to how I would like to tutor, which is catered towards providing specialized individual help, instead of a generic one-size-fits-all style of tutoring. I’m also given a chance to change someone’s life – it’s not just about the grades, but also helping tutees achieve their dreams in life. So much is to be learned from this experience, and as always, I’ll work hard and tutor on!

Nishat Godal, University of Greenwich

I’m 19 years old and I’m studying Business Administration (Hons) in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at University of Greenwich. I am a keen reader and my other extra-curricular activities include dancing, watching cricket and playing badminton. Currently, my personal interests are playing Squash, Start-ups, the debt crisis in Greece and the phenomenon heterochromia iridum (different coloured eyes).   I tutor kids from age of 5 up to 16. The subjects that I teach are Mathematics, Science, English, Geography, Social Science at Primary level and Mathematics, English, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Economics at Secondary level with GCSE Maths and Science being my strongest subjects. I can also teach Biology at Advanced level.   I love tutoring because it enables me to motivate kids to do well and help them succeed. As a student myself I am aware of the problems they face academically and I really like it when I help them overcoming their challenges. I personally believe in the Studybuddy concept, as I agree that current university students can really relate to the difficulties of younger students. The pace of learning is different for everyone and I enjoy tailoring my tuition to my student’s different needs. I love the entire aspect of tutoring; from the first sessions when I get to know my tutee’s personality and strengths and weaknesses, to the accomplished feeling I get when my tutee “gets it”.

About Studybuddy.

Studybuddy provides committed private tutors for primary, secondary and A-level students. Our focus is on conveying a love for learning and inspiring our pupils to develop and improve not only on a short term perspective, but also with the intention of learning for life. Our idea is to match ambitious and high performing university students with families and pupils who need help with school work at home, based on personality, interests and subject knowledge. Our goal is to have the industry’s most satisfied customers!