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Maths Tuition in London

Are you looking for a tutor with a lot of experience and fresh knowledge in Maths? Then Studybuddy is the perfect fit for you! We provide Maths tutors for all educational levels in the Greater London Area.


Our tutors, the Study Buddies, are high performing students from the top universities in London and they make the perfect academic role models for younger students. They motivate, inspire and provide the right knowledge to guide students through their education. The Study Buddies have fresh experience of the exams their students will take, giving them an edge over other tutors unfamiliar to the particular strains of a student today. Moreover, they have up-to-date degree-level knowledge in their subject fields, making our Study Buddies more than well equipped with the tools to help younger students achieve academic excellence.


We understand that all levels of education are fundamental to the next step in a young person’s academic career. For this reason, we insist that our Study Buddies invest a lot of time and effort in their students. They offer support on all fronts, addressing issues ranging from exam technique and revision approaches to university interview processes and manners.


Maths and Maths related subjects like Physics often require additional support due to their complex nature. We hire Study Buddies from top universities, where a high level of mathematical skills is crucial. All of our Maths tutors have been tested in Maths by our recruiters, who also test on our tutors’ pedagogical skills, ensuring a high level of teaching.

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What does it take for a student to reach his/her full potential, improve results and achieve better grades? – Without a doubt it’s a Study Buddy with the right subject knowledge and good teaching skills! As well as this, we focus on the softer aspects of the tuition, such as motivation, confidence, inspiration and a love for learning in order to facilitate for the ultimate learning experience.

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