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We know what it takes to succeed in school.

Circumstances change. So do goals, expectations and needs. Despite this, our belief remains the same; anyone can learn with the right help!


  • Clearly defined goals, structured tuition and continuous feedback
  • Ideal matching between tutor and tutee based on subjects, personality and interests
  • Results go hand in hand with enthusiasm, motivation and confidence

Together we’ll find a solution that suits you.

All students have different needs. All families have varying schedules and routines. That’s why we always do our best to find a solution that suits you and helps you reach your desired goals. In need of tuition several times a week? Ask us for a discount!

  • Buddy Voucher 10 Hours
  • $100monthly
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    • A 10 hour Buddy Voucher is suitable for students wanting a lot of help during a short period of time,  or just wanting to try on the service.

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  • Buddy Voucher 20 Hours
  • $100monthly
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    • A 20 hour Buddy Voucher is perfect for students who want to meet with their tutor on a weekly basis during the entire semester.

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  • Buddy Voucher 30 Hours
  • $100monthly
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    • A 30 hours Buddy Voucher is perfect for students who want to meet with their tutor more than once a week and it is also the most cost effective plan.

  • Get started!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed – the first session is always covered by our satisfaction guarantee
  • Each session consists of a minimum of 90 minutes
  • Up to three siblings may take part in the sessions at no extra costs

Satisfaction guarantee

After the first teaching session you can change your Study Buddy. If you (which is extremely rare) aren’t satisfied and want to cancel the service altogether, you can use our guarantee after the first session and get your money back.


We are confident that you will be satisfied with your very own, handpicked Study Buddy just like the vast majority of our customers. However, with our satisfaction guarantee you may choose to get a new Study Buddy or cancel your subscription completely, should you not be satisfied with the first session. In either one of these cases, you would not be invoiced for the session.

It’s easy to get started with Studybuddy.

The process is simple and straightforward to get you started towards achieving your goals!


1. We assess your needs

Our Client Managers assess your level of attainment, requirements and aspirations to provide you with a personalised package for the best service.


2. We present a Study Buddy

We find the perfect match and get in touch with you. We introduce you to the candidate over the phone. If you are happy with our suggestion, the Study Buddy will contact you to schedule the first meeting!


3. Tutoring starts

The Study Buddy creates a study plan, sets goals with the pupil and the tutoring begins! Our Client Managers always conduct a follow up after the first session. If you are unsatisfied, you can always change Study Buddy by using our Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Our approach to tuition.

To attain the best results, we work according to a well-recognised approach to tuition. Our approach consists of 4 pillars and ensures that we take into account each student’s individual needs.

Current situation.
When the pupil and Study Buddy first meet, they work together to identify which challenges the pupil currently faces, how he/she studies best and their current level of academic achievement. The Study Buddy listens to the pupil’s and parents’ opinions whilst sharing his/her own in an open and approachable environment.
The goals.
The pupil and the Study Buddy set up an ‘action plan’ together, with both immediate and long-term goals. This makes the teaching effective and focused on results and the pupil and parents can follow the development to see that the teaching works.
The plan.
We tailor the tuition according to each student’s needs. Thorough planning and focus on the right study technique for the pupil ensures the correct help according to his/her individual capabilities.
The tools.
Achieving proficiency in a subject is important, but it’s just as important to convey the joy of learning. Our Study Buddies are skilled in sharing their enthusiasm with their students and inspiring them to learn for life. More than just sharing subject specific skills, our Study Buddies also offer advice on exam and revision technique.

Our Tutors.

All of our tutors are handpicked according to their knowledge, commitment, and their ability to teach.


The matching process.

Our Client Managers try their very best to match every student with the ideal Study Buddy based on interests and personality, as well as subjects. Once we have identified a suitable tutor, we’ll introduce him/her to you for your approval.


Motivating role model.

We know that inspiration and conveying a joy for learning are important aspects of tuition. Our Study Buddies are important role models who inspire.


Knowledgeable and pedagogic.

Our tutors have profound knowledge in the relevant subjects for their assigned students and they know how to transfer their knowledge, along with the joy for learning.

More about our tutors here

Secure and serious tuition.

School is an integral part of every young person’s life and our mission is to make the experience as great as possible for each student. That’s why all of this is included in our offering;

  • Our satisfaction guarantee – the possibility to change Study Buddy
  • Successful combination of subject knowledge and school motivation
  • A knowledgeable, motivating and well educated Study Buddy

  • Clear structure according to the four pillars of our approach
  • Tuition towards set goals and continuous follow-ups
  • Motivation, inspiration and increased confidence

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Customer stories.

The Bjesse Family
As school was about to start again after the summer holidays, I was getting concerned in regards to my son’s maths knowledge as he was now going into secondary school. My son has dyslexia and we have tried numerous other solutions without reaching desired results. Johannes (the son) was struggling in school and complained the teacher didn’t have time to sit down with him specifically. I decided to look for a tutor and got in touch with Studybuddy.


Our Study Buddy Stephanie now comes around twice a week and she really gets Johannes’s difficulties with the maths and she knows exactly how to make him overcome them. I no longer have to spend countless hours trying to help Johannes without seeing results and we are both very happy with the new arrangement. Not only has Johannes managed to get better results, he’s also more confident and feels better in general!


Mother of secondary school student, Vanja Bjesse

The Kuurne family
”Before the Christmas holiday in 2012 I got a call from my son’s teacher. The words were a huge blow: ”Your son Max will not pass in two subjects.” I couldn’t understand it – my Max had always done well in school!


In the evening we sat down and tried to figure out what had happened. But we didn’t get to the root of the problem. After some time I understood that my son simply needed help to change his approach to his homework. I looked on the Internet for ”homework tutoring” and sent applications to most of the companies. The next day I got a call from Studybuddy. After that everything happened very fast. Only a week after my application we met our Study Buddy and since then I have seen great changes in my son. Not only has Max’s Study Buddy helped him to catch up at school – he has also become a mentor and friend since they share many of the same interests. They have developed an incredibly good understanding of each other and our Study Buddy is today one of my son’s most important role models.”


Cahrola Kuurne, Mother of Max, Year 11

The Ollevik family
”My daughter Mathilda is diagnosed with ADD and since her first year in school we have tried to get proper support. However, the support at school was not at all sufficient and I had to take the matter into my own hands. When I started to look for other help I heard about the concept of home tutoring.


Thanks to Studybuddy we have been able to put measures into place so that Mathilda now reaches all her learning goals. We have noticed a remarkable improvement in Mathilda’s basic knowledge, which is which has allowed her to achieve these goals and do well in school. It’s not about the homework for tomorrow anymore but instead the long-term goals that enables my daughter’s learning.”


Mikael Ollevik, Father of Mathilda, Year 10