Math tuition. You’d be surprised at the difference it could make

Math tuition. You’d be surprised at the difference it could make

Some subjects make you wonder whether they will be of any use whatsoever once you leave school. Maths is definitely not one of those subjects. Not only are numbers a big part of our everyday lives, maths is one of the core subjects that everyone from universities to future employers will expect your child to have mastered. A good maths grade is essential for success in life, no matter what your career path. It is not just about being able to handle numbers, but also about being able to think logically and utilise your knowledge in new ways to solve problems.

Ironic then, that maths is often the subject with which children struggle most. The good news is that we have a number of experienced and highly qualified Study Buddies who are experts in making the most difficult parts of the maths syllabus easy and understandable. They use innovative techniques and unconventional methods to restore your child’s sense of wonder and delight in learning. Our approach revolves around improving the students’ motivation and study technique. Rather than endless (and boring) drills, we aim to inspire our learners with new ways of thinking that help them to see things from a different perspective.

Knowledge is most useful when it can be applied to new situations and adapted according to the need. Our Study Buddies aim to teach children to think logically and make the most of their study time. As a result they will be equipped with the skills to help them achieve their potential. A Study Buddy is intended to be a friend and mentor who supports and provides help when needed. Watch your child’s confidence improve once they start receiving the kind of attention they may have been lacking in class. Nothing is more likely to help them do well in their studies.

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