Is math tuition the missing link in your child’s study success?

Is math tuition the missing link in your child’s study success?

It’s a sad fact that many children struggle with maths at school, often achieving poor grades despite being bright and dedicated. The problem may lie in poor teaching, large class sizes or any number of other reasons. Maths is not only an essential skill for life, but also often a key component in university entry requirements. It is therefore imperative that children receive the support they need to succeed in this subject. If your child is having trouble, our Study Buddies could be just what you need to remedy this tricky situation.

We are all different, with our own unique strengths and weaknesses. Some people are mechanically-minded, while others are more artistic. However, everyone can be taught to think logically and develop strategies for success. Many children pick up the idea that they are “not good at maths”, which leads to a downward spiral where they feel discouraged and de-motivated in class. Our tutors strive to replace this mind-set with positive inspiration, based on the firm belief that anything is achievable with a little dedication and smart thinking.

The key to success is often as simple as knowing that someone believes in you. A Study Buddy acts as a mentor and guide along the confusing and convoluted path through school. All of our tutors are highly qualified and extremely knowledgeable. On top of this they all have a true passion for learning, a passion that is as infectious as it is inspiring. Equipping your son or daughter with a can-do attitude, along with a whole range of tips and tricks for effective studying is the best thing you can do to ensure their success, improve their confidence and help them to cope with the pressures of the ever-looming exams.

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