Math tutoring gives skills for life, not just for the exam period

Math tutoring gives skills for life, not just for the exam period

All adults need to be able to handle numbers, whether it is looking after the family finances or being able to solve mechanical problems. In the world of higher education, many universities ask for a high maths grade as a matter of course (What does this mean? – ‘entry suitability’ 0r ‘general academic ability’ might work better). In the professional world, employers need to see that their new employees have strong numerical competence.

In all respects, maths is a key subject, but sadly one that many children struggle with. A maths tutor could be the extra ingredient to help your son or daughter get top marks in their GCSEs or A-levels. Our Study Buddies are, as the name suggests, friendly and approachable, as well as experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to the latest teaching techniques. Their job is to inspire and motivate children, encourage their interest in the topic and help them to develop strategies for success.

As an example, good exam technique is essential for top marks. Even a child who knows everything on the syllabus must be able to clearly show their workings and adapt their answers to the question in order to get the highest grade. Conversely, even students who have an incomplete knowledge of the topic can score relatively highly by employing good exam technique. Our Study Buddies are experts in coaching children to pass exams – which can be a skill in itself.

Perhaps the most important characteristic of any successful student is that of confidence, which is why many of our techniques are aimed at instilling your son or daughter with the belief that they have the ability and knowledge to ace their exams. Succeeding in this is half the battle to create the perfect conditions for a happy and prosperous life.

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