Representatives from the tutoring and education industry gathered to discuss the 11+ Exams

11+ Conference 01/04/2015

Yesterday, Studybuddy attended the 11 plus conference to discuss the 11 plus exam with representatives from the tutoring industry, as well as politicians and representatives from schools. The current trend in the UK is that Schools are “tutor proofing” their 11 plus exams. What this means in reality is that they decrease the proportion of  reasoning, which is said to be easily tutored, while increasing Maths and English.

Written and verbal reasoning skills can indeed be greatly improved by tuition, but so can English and Maths. Practice makes perfect and the practice can be made easier with some help from someone with more experience. This is not rocket science, but rather a universal rule applicable to the learning of most tasks/skills/knowledge.

Improving a pupil’s English skills is perhaps the most time consuming task, as this requires time being spent in front of books, rather than X-boxes and social media. Hence, though the change in the 11+ exams might add some pressure on the parents to increase reading at home, the new “tutor proof” exams are in fact still just as “tutorable”.

Max Henrikson

Managing Director


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