More than “just a teacher”

More than “just a teacher”

One of the most common questions to answer in order to reset online passwords is “What’s the name of your favourite teacher?”

There is a reason why this question is almost as common as “What’s your mother’s maiden name?”  A good teacher leaves a long lasting impression and affects the student in more ways than academically.

We all remember that really nice teacher who taught us things we never thought we could learn. The teacher who made you believe in yourself. The teacher that made the classes enjoyable and even fun.

Following the same logic, the bad teachers we encounter also leave a memory and affect the way we remember our school years for many years to come.

What I’m trying to point out is the HUGE role that a teacher can play in the lives of their students and how teachers can affect their students´ future lives. Being a teacher is not only about teaching the kids that 2+2 is 4. A good teacher will inspire his/ her students to learn for life and a good teacher will make the student evolve as a person, not only in the subjects he/ she is teaching.

School is about learning, but it is also about finding out what you are good at and what you enjoy doing. School is the time when we build the foundation of our future and it’s the time we decide the direction, in which we want to take our adult lives.

A good teacher makes you come to these conclusions on your own. A good teacher builds confidence. A good teacher is like my very first teacher Ann-Karin.  She made me see the point of learning how to read when I still believed that I was going to work with animals and I didn’t see the point of knowing how to read. She came out to my mum’s car in the parking lot and convinced me to come to school when I didn’t want to go to my first class. She taught me a lot, but she still allowed me and my fellow classmates to be kids and do what kids like doing.  Time makes memories fade, but I will always remember the answer to that question, whenever I forget my passwords.


Max Henrikson, Managing Director

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