A good education is not enough…

A good education is not enough…

I meet a lot of students from the UKs top universities and we process a dozens of applications from these students every day. An outsider might think that going to a prestige full university is enough to have the rest of the life sorted out career wise, but this is not true, not in today’s fierce competition.

The UK school system is about constantly proving yourself in order to reach the next level, the next school, the next step towards your dream job. The students’ academic skills are constantly evaluated and the students are segmented accordingly. The climb up the academic ladder starts early and you better start climbing by the age of 10 in order to be on track towards your (or your parents’) dream university. Every step is key and you have to prove yourself repeatedly, be this in order to get in to a good grammar school at 11 years of age, or Oxford University, seven years later.

By the end of your 16 years of education, 13 before university and, three years at university level, it is finally time to reap the fruits of your efforts throughout the years. However, without any previous working experience your efforts may count for nothing.

Employers want students with experience, but more importantly, they want students who are keen to learn and evolve. Employers are not stupid. If your first job suddenly shows up on your last semester in university, they will know that you are “CV-pimping” and though some experience is better than none, it is just not good enough.

Most universities have unions and alike where you may earn valuable working experience with a proportionally big responsibility, given your former lack of experience. Another way to get working experience is to engage yourself in your favourite sport, coaching a rugby team or alike. What employersdo not want to see is in your CV, is laziness, nor do they want to see a fear of getting your hands dirty or trying something new.

My tip to every student is to explore working life as much as possible while studying. Try different fields; take advantage of volunteering opportunities and internships. Get involved in the student life at your school, engage yourself in projects and evolve as a person. Not only will you be more attractive on the job market, you might actually figure out what you are looking for in an employer and what your strengths are. Tuition is a way of gaining this experience, but there are endless possibilities for the students who are keen to evolve and gain experience.

At Studybuddy, we know the importance of working life experience and we take great pride in being the first real employer for many university students. We like to see these students evolve with us and we like to take an active part in in the process. That is why we offer seminars and training internally, and when it is time to graduate from university, we gladly help with CV checks and alike to give our Study Buddy Tutors the best possible start in their professional lives.

So what are you waiting for, get out there and make a difference. Evolve, and become employable!

Max Henrikson

Managing Director at Studybuddy Ltd

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